Internship Programme

GEF aspires to the creation of an internship programme that will give the chance to students and recent graduates to explore work experience, as well as the opportunity to establish connections within the energy industry.

Energy (Law) Education in Greece

Energy studies emerge as one of the most fast-growing research discipline. The ‘UK Energy Law and Policy Association’ recently published a paper examining the current status of energy law education in the UK, drawing on information from a similar study conducted in the US. GEF aspires to contribute to the cause of promoting energy education and will utilise its in-depth knowledge of the Greek energy ‘scene’ in order to produce a paper on energy education in Greece, with a focus on the discipline of law.

Business Development Initiative

Since it’ s establishment the Greek Energy Forum has developed new partnerships that enhanced the network in order to meet its needs. To respond in a meaningful way, the Forum shall adopt a new project, a Business Development Initiative, which shall include the creation of new partnerships, the attraction of funding through sponsorships and the media promotion.

Mentorship Scheme

The GEF aspires to the establishment of a mentorship scheme which will allow the junior members of the Forum to forge mentorship relationships with more experience members, receiving thus invaluable support for their professional and personal growth. 

GEF Academy

The GEF aspires to initiate a Summer School which will be running in Greece on an annual basis. The purpose of the brief summer source is to promote the energy industry in Greece, in a course designed to explore the fundamentals of the industry which will be targeted towards Greek University students.

GEF Newsletter

GEF aspires to the creation of a weekly / bi-weekly newsletter which will highlight all the key energy developments taking place in the Southeastern Mediterranean. The objective of the project will be to provide all GEF members with the latest major announcements in the region by email. The newsletter will be including news from both Greek and international distinguished media outlets.


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