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The Greek Energy Forum (Ελληνικό Ενεργειακό Forum) – founded and headquartered in London since 2013 and currently featuring branch offices in Brussels, Athens, Nicosia, Dubai and Washington DC – is an international energy think tank consisting of Greek energy professionals holding international corporate posts, and sharing a common interest in the broader energy industry in Greece and Southeastern Europe. The members of the  Greek Energy Forum hold international corporate posts and their expertise spans across the energy industry spectrum, benefiting the Greek Energy Forum with a multi-disciplinary skill-set and a holistic approach to its field. The main objectives of the Greek Energy Forum are:

To establish an international platform of ideas and dialogue amongst energy professionals to enable Change in the energy setting of SE Europe/East Med

To inform investors and public opinion on latest energy developments and “best practice” examples successfully applied abroad respectively

To propose and communicate energy policy proposals and reforms to governments and decision makers

The Greek Energy Forum holds regular meetings across different international locations in the form of networking events and round-table sessions, panel discussions or presentations, hosting guest speakers who share their views on targeted energy topics and contribute to the open discussion among its members. Additionally, the formation of working groups within its member structure, results in the publication of articles and opinions papers which are published across multiple media platforms. 

Provided the recent and ever progressing developments around energy and hydrocarbons in Greece and Southeastern Europe, the Greek Energy Forum aims at utilising the know-how and invaluable expertise of its members to contribute with innovative proposals and hence catalyse the growth of the energy industry in the region. We welcome all the energy professionals of Hellenic origin that would like to support that cause and who are willing to enhance their network, exchange ideas and promote the development of the energy and hydrocarbons industry in our region.


The Greek Energy Forum, which takes the form a non-for-profit volunteer association registered in Greece, acknowledges the fact that its members are employed by companies and/or organisations that might be market competitors. As a consequence we are serious about preventing anti-competitive conduct in all our activities.

All individuals involved in the Greek Energy Forum - including the Management Committee, Focus Group Heads/Deputy Heads, Steering Committee, as well as standard members - are serving under their personal capacity. The analysis and opinions they express through the Greek Energy Forum are their own and do not reflect the view of their respective employers. 

What is more, we require that our members never discuss the following topics within the Forum:

-Commodity prices/Freight rates/Costs

-Production numbers and production plans

-Industrial capacity or commodity inventories

-Sales/purchase contracts that have not been announced publicly

-Future business plans

-Matters relating to individual customer/suppliers

-Employee compensation, benefits, remuneration etc

We also require that our members never make agreements or take decisions to conduct the following activities within the Forum:

-Fix sale or purchase prices or other terms

-Restrict capacity or output or limit quality competition or research

-Refrain from supplying a product or service or divide markets or customers

-Exclude competing companies from a market or blacklist or boycott customers or suppliers

Failure to follow these rules will result in immediate exclusion from the organisation.

To read the full constitution of the Greek Energy Forum please follow this Link

Event Calendar


Management Committee

Dr. Angelos Gkanoutas-Leventis
Dr. Angelos Gkanoutas-Leventis, President

Company: BP

Career: Petrobras

Background: PhD in the Financialsation of the Oil Market, City University; MSc in Political Economy, London School of Economics; BSc in Politics and Economics, Brunel University
Alex Lagakos
Alex Lagakos, Vice President

Company: Thenamaris

Career: Shell Trading & Shipping, Gazprom Marketing & Trading, Mott MacDonald

Background: Msc in Sustainable Energy Futures, Imperial College London, MEng in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Antonios Panagiotopoulos
Antonios Panagiotopoulos, General Secretary

Company: MSCI

Career: Navig8 Group, Platts, KBC 

Background: International Relations(Mediterannean Studies), University of the Aegean

Kyriakos Mezopoulos
Kyriakos Mezopoulos, Treasurer

Company: BP

Career: Toyota

Background: Master in Manufacturing, Cranfield University

Stergios Zacharakis
Stergios Zacharakis, Alternate Committee Member

Company: Platts

Career: Energy Institute, Young Professionals Network London, FC Business Intelligence Energy, Active Communications International - Europe

Background: MSc in Energy and Environment Technologies and Economics, City University of London; MEng in Environmental Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace

Athanasios Pitatzis (GradEI, MSc, MEngin)
Athanasios Pitatzis (GradEI, MSc, MEngin), Alternate Committee Member

Company: PV (Solar) Performance and Monitoring Analyst at Brighter Green Engineering Limited

Career: Wikistrat, Ramboll Oil and Gas Department. (Part-Time), Society of Petroleum Engineers (Kavala Section), Contributing Writer to Various Greek and English Energy Websites, Young Petro International Petroleum Students Magazine 

Background: MSc Oil and Gas Technology, Technologiko Ekpaideutiko Idrima Kavalas; M.Engin. Production and Management Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, 

Steering Committee

Stavros Kokkinis
Stavros Kokkinis, Steering Committee

Company: Shell International Trading & Shipping Co.

Career: Shell International (lived and worked in various countries in Europe and in USA)

Background: Masters of Science, in Advanced Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London - Masters of Engineering, in Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens

Dr Yanos Michopoulos
Dr Yanos Michopoulos, Steering Committee

Company: Authentix, Founder and Managing Director of Epiphany Enterprises (boutique M&A advisory), Managing Director of OFSCap (Energy focused boutique investment bank), Affiliate Partner 3H (management consulting), Board member at various Business Schools

Career: Shell International, Vestas Wind Systems, Greek Railways

Background: BSc Athens (Greece), PhD Durham (UK), various Exec Ed courses (IMD, Ashridge etc)

Georgios Kokotis
Georgios Kokotis, Steering Committee

Company: Cheniere Marketing Ltd.

Career: EDF Trading, RWE Supply & Trading, Enron Europe, JPMorgan

Background:Masters in Mathematical Trading and Finance, City Business School, Masters in Advanced Computer Science, King’s College London

Dr Petros Tratskas
Dr Petros Tratskas, Steering Committee

Company: Eni Trading & Shipping 

Career: Shell Trading US Co, Shell International Trading and Shipping Co (UK), Shell International E&P (Netherlands), Shell Gas and Power (Netherlands)

Background: PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, Houston, USA

MS in Mechanics from University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece

Young Manager’s Program, Insead, Fontenebleau, France

Klisthenis Dimitriadis
Klisthenis Dimitriadis, Steering Committee

Company: Tullow Oil

Career: Shell, Centrifuge Instrumentation & Equipment Ltd

Background: PhD Materials, Queen Mary College (University of London)   /   MBA, Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University)   /   Dipl.Ing Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras

George Kremlis
George Kremlis, Steering Committee

Company:European Commission

Career: European Commission

Background: Diplome Superieur de Droit Compare, Faculte International de Droit Compare (Strasbourg); Law Degree, Private and Public Law, Distinction,Law school Athens; DEA (Master) in European Law, Universite de Strasbourg

Olivera Drazic-Gaubert
Olivera Drazic-Gaubert, Steering Committee

Company: ALCOA Inc., Energy Innovation Center TESLIANUM

Career: FuelsEurope, BP External Affairs Manager, Southern Gas Corridor

Background: MSc in European Studies; University of Sorbonne

Anastasios (Tassos) Giamouridis
Anastasios (Tassos) Giamouridis, Steering Committe

Company: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Career: Pöyry Management Consulting, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, DEPA S.A., PFC Energy

Background: MSc, International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science; MA, Sociology of Education, University of Durham; BA, Linguistics, Panepistimion Ioanninon

Professor Constantine Arcoumanis
Professor Constantine Arcoumanis, Steering Committee

Company: City University London

Career: Imperial College, City University

Background: Physics, Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki; University of California at Irvine; Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

Dr. Leonidas P Drollas
Dr. Leonidas P Drollas, Steering Committee

Company: Centre for Global Energy Studies 

Career: BP, Elinoil

Background: PhD, Economics, London School of Economics

Professor Yiannis A. Levendis
Professor Yiannis A. Levendis, Steering Committee

Company: Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Career: Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Background: B.S. and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan; Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Professor Michael Tamvakis
Professor Michael Tamvakis, Steering Committee

Company: Cass Business School, City University London

Career: Cass Business School, City University London

Background: PhD in Shipping, Trade and Finance, Cass Business School

Kostas Andriosopoulos
Kostas Andriosopoulos, Steering Committee

Company: DEPA Group - ESCP Europe

Career: Knud E Hansen, Cass Business School, British Bankers' Association

Background: PhD, Finance and Energy Economics, Cass Business School;Graduate School of Business Administration, Northeastern University; BSc Engineering, Production Engineering and Management, Polytechnion Kritis

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