Oct 28 2017

RG CONFERENCE: The Unstoppable Generation: Hacking Entrepreneurship into a Culture

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The fourth annual Reload Greece Conference takes place in London on Saturday 28th October and is run in association with the London Business School, the SEESOX Department of Oxford University and the London School of Economics. The Unstoppable Generation: Hacking Entrepreneurship into a Culture will explore and debate how a mindset of entrepreneurism can be hacked into a culture to create long term and sustainable change. 

Distinguished international speakers from the World Bank, European Investment Bank (EIB), European Investment Fund (EIF), Bloomberg Associates and e-Estonia as well as young and mighty individuals, such as Philipp Brinkmann from Tripsta and Aimilios Chalamandaris who recently sold his company Innoetics to Samsung, will share their stories about how their entrepreneurial attitude is reviving traditional industries and having a positive impact on social, economic and environmental conditions. 

With four interactive break-out sessions you will have a change to further explore traditional industries and how they are revived by an entrepreneurial culture: featuring ‘Banking and Fin-tech & Financial Services’ in association with the Hellenic Bankers Association, ‘Prospects of Renewable & Energy Efficiency Technologies’ in association with the Greek Energy Forum, ‘Scaling up in the Tourism Industry’ and ‘Innovation in the Corporate Sector’.

International entrepreneurs, academics & professionals will address the shift away from entrepreneurship as a success vehicle for the few, to entrepreneurship as a mindset that can be applied by the many, for the common good. Through the links Reload Greece have forged between Greece and its diaspora, RG Conference17 will explore the bold role this community can play in funneling its expertise and resources to supporting the development of an entrepreneurial culture within their home country. International case studies will examine how the application of an entrepreneurial attitude is reviving traditional industries and having a positive impact. Our distinguished speakers will demonstrate how they are putting a culture of innovation into practice to improve conditions in schools, hospitals and across the public sector. By drawing on examples of international importance, RG Conference17 will set out to explore how various countries have successfully harnessed their diasporas, and how their models, successes and learnings can apply to Greece.

RG Conference17 will engage a powerful community from around the world to explore ideas that will help to create a culture of innovation to build vital new opportunities. A powerful list of high calibre speakers will discuss the important issues and drive positive change; this year’s distinguished speakers include:

  • Simeon Djankov, the creator of the World Bank’s Doing Business Series and Director, Financial Markets Group at London School of Economics, shares his insights on how developing an entrepreneurial culture can play a pivotal role towards a country’s rapid development in the rankings and beyond.
  • Nicholas Jennett, Deputy Director General, European Investment Bank and Ioannis Tsakiris, Head of Region, European Investment Fund will join a Financing Entrepreneurship & Growth Q&A to look at how the Greek entrepreneurial ecosystem can leverage the new round of funding.
  • Aimilios Chalamandris, CEO at Innoetics (who were recently acquired by Samsung, making it one of Greece’s greatest entrepreneurial success stories), will be sharing his inspirational story and how start-ups can follow their lead of building global and sustainable businesses in Greece.
  • Charity Wayua,Public Sector Research Manager, IBM, Nairobi, Kenya will share her story on how she led the change she wanted to see in her country. Kenya has been ranked the world’s third most reformed country two years in a row. Charity will give an insight intohow Kenyans have worked together towards a collective vision on how to transform their country.
  • Gordon Innes, Economic Development at Bloomberg Associates will be speaking on how to Shape the Cities of the Future. His presentation highlights how one philanthropic venture is working with governments to help cities equip themselves for the future and discusses the pillars on which a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem can be built to enable a city to become a global tech hub.


Reload Greece is building a new generation of entrepreneurs to create businesses, with a positive impact on their home country. In this year’s Conference, seven Reload Greece alumni start-ups will be attending the event to pitch their business and to interact with delegates. This is an exciting opportunity to connect with the unstoppable generation who are disrupting their industries, launching innovations, changing mindsets and creating value to society. The event will also be an invaluable opportunity to help connect our successful alumni start-ups with a powerful network of contacts who can work together to create more impact.

After almost a decade since the Greek crisis began, the young generation is now being put to the test. The Unstoppable Generation is looking to do things differently, they are developing new opportunities and being the change they want to see.Entrepreneurs are today's heroes - brilliant game-changers, whose startups have disrupted old business models and created a new economic playing field. Entrepreneurship brings down barriers between communities and cultures and builds bridges that help us take on common challenges together.Entrepreneurs have the drive and the passion to change the world and if you're part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem or diaspora in London, this is a must-attend event.

Join RG Conference17 on Saturday 28th October at Rooms on Regents Park, London for a day of Inspiration, Innovation & Engagement.

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RG Conference17 is powered by Reload Greece

Reload Greece is a UK-based educational charity, building a new generation of entrepreneurs to create ventures with a positive impact on their home countries. Their model of entrepreneurship successfully harnesses the power of the diaspora and they engage an active community of over 20,000 reloaders.

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