Jun 22 2023

Career Journeys on the Backdrop of Energy Transition

London, UK
GEF Events
The Greek Energy Forum proudly co-organised with Bayes Business School and Grammenos Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance a discussion on career journeys on the backdrop of energy transition. 

Energy experts shared their thoughts and experiences with respect to career paths in the energy industry amid the energy transition.

Our distinguished panel consisted of:
Antonios Panagiotopoulos - Executive Director ESG and Climate Research at MSCI
Elena Gkagkani - Head of Strategy and Development at Wattcrop
Theodosis Zisis - Sustainable Aviation Fuel at Shell
Marina Petroleka - Global Head of ESG Research at Sustainable Fitch
Petros Tratskas - Senior Business Development Manager at Petroineos Trading

Ioannis Moutzouris, PhD-Associate Dean for Engagement at Bayes Business School and Director of MSc Energy, Trade and Finance, moderated the discussion.

Key takeaways:
Marina Petroleka - Successful individuals, from early graduates to senior professionals, commonly possess intellectual curiosity as a key trait. Being genuinely interested and curious about your work is vital for excelling in your career. It fuels a hunger for knowledge, encourages exploration, and facilitates continuous growth, paving the way for remarkable achievements.

Never underestimate the immense power that comes from grasping the fundamentals of your industry. I often witness individuals entering the business without a solid foundation in these essential principles, resulting in a noticeable lack of substance.

Petros Tratskas - The energy transition presents unique opportunities for professionals working in established energy companies. It has led to the emergence of new departments and roles that were previously non-existent. This provides a chance, particularly for young individuals, to transform their careers and pursue paths that were previously unavailable. The evolving landscape of the energy sector offers exciting possibilities for growth and innovation.

Certain oil and gas companies that initially seemed to be progressing swiftly in the energy transition have now adopted a more cautious approach. It is important to acknowledge that this transition entails substantial costs amounting to billions of dollars. While everyone may have good intentions, these companies also strive to maintain their competitive edge within the industry.

Many young individuals are entering the energy sector, with a strong emphasis on green energies. While the focus on green technologies is crucial, it is equally important to have a balance and ensure that there are professionals who stay engaged in the middle ground. We need a diverse workforce to effectively deliver the energy transition and address the challenges of this evolving landscape.

Elena Gkagkani - Don’t duel on the number of rejection emails you may receive, focus on the fact that you only need one person to believe in you and recognize your potential. Just a single job offer can ignite your career, and as you progress, the process becomes smoother. Stay optimistic and persistent in your pursuit, knowing that each opportunity brings you closer to success.

While possessing skills, degrees, and certificates is admirable, it is equally essential to embrace a well-rounded approach. Being a generalist involves the ability to not only acquire the right information but also to utilize it effectively, enabling continual progress and growth.

There is a growing demand for professionals in energy, yet many positions require prior experience. Therefore, the most effective approach is to secure your first job, even if it may not align with your ideal vision. By gaining essential experience, you can lay the foundation for future growth and advancement, gradually working your way towards your desired career path.

Theo Zisis - Engaging in numerous mock interviews and embracing failure as a learning opportunity can greatly enhance your performance when it comes to the real deal. I personally found that this approach significantly sped up the process of finding my first job.

I recommend avoiding mass applications and instead focusing on tailoring your applications. Take the time to thoroughly understand the requirements of each position and craft your applications with precision and care. By doing so, you can present yourself in the best possible light and increase your chances of success. Quality and attention to detail in your applications can make a significant difference in securing the opportunities you desire. 


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The analysis and opinions they express through the Greek Energy Forum are their own and do not reflect the view of their respective employers.