2030 EU Energy Security, the Role of the Eastern Mediterranean Region | GEF Event
2030 EU Energy Security, the Role of the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Location: European Economic and Social Committee, 99 Rue Belliard, 1000, Brussels, Belgium from 13:30 to 20:30

The significant discoveries of natural gas in the Levant basin, particularly in the Leviathan, Tamar and Aphrodite fields, has raised several questions.

Touching upon the impact of how the recently discovered hydrocarbons will affect the region’s energy security the changing geopolitical landscape of the Eastern Mediterranean and the potential role of the Eastern Mediterranean in diversifying the EU’s supply sources in line with Europe’s quest to maximise its energy security.

The aim of the conference is fostering a rich and objective debate around the importance of the new discoveries on both a regional and international level. Our speakers faculty will also highlight the prerequisites and limitations to sourcing the market with natural gas supply.

To find out more about this event, the full speaker list, programme, partners and registration information, please follow the LINK.

Why join us:

-Acquire an excellent understanding of regional landscape to comprehend all key challenges the Eastern Mediterranean regionwill face before it becomes an international natural gas producer

Discover the pillars for effective natural gas development regional cooperation, prioritisation of regional and EU level impact projects, and dialogue amongst governments, industry players and international institutions active in the East Med

-Receive a 360 update on current activities taking place in EastMediterranean waters, drawing a timeline for the purpose of assessing whether Eastern Mediterranean gas will reach Europe in time to effectively strengthen its energy security.

-Fully comprehend the numbers and quantities to be explored and produced and how the quantities translate in terms of EU consumption

-Understand what the commercial challenges and opportunities in the region for you and your organisation are, and hear on the regulatory developments supporting the development of this sector.

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