European Power Markets: challenges and opportunities of a rapidly transforming market | GEF Event
 European Power Markets: challenges and opportunities of a rapidly transforming market
Location: Cass Business School, EC1Y 8TZ, Bunhill Row, EC1Y 8TZ, London, United Kingdom from 18:30 to 21:0

The Greek Energy Forum is very pleased to announce this market focused event on the european power markets. The discussion will revolve around supply and demand, renewables, the future of nuclear plants, and European interconnection. Our guest speakers are Loukas Botsis, Strategy Analyst at EDF Energy, Pavlos Trichakis, Management Consultant at Baringa, and Anastasios Koumparos, Strategy Manager at Tempus Energy. This event is organised by the Greek Energy Forum and supported by Cass Business School.

This event is free of charge and is organised by Greek Energy Forum and hosted by Cass Business School. Follow the link at the bottom of this page in order to register online.

Anastasios Koumparos has 4 years’ work experience in energy. He is currently the Commercial Strategy manager at Tempus Energy, a clean-tech start-up, working on solutions to lower the supply cost of industrial customers through managed consumption.

Pavlos Trichakis is a Manager at Baringa's Energy Advisory practice. He has over 10 years of experience in consulting, industry and academia, advising energy companies, financial institutions, regulators and government on a broad range of issues relating to the competitive power and gas markets in Europe.

Loukas Botsis has 5 years’ work experience in energy, 5 of which have been in power markets. He is currently a Strategy Analyst in the Strategic Analysis and Modelling team of EDF Energy, working on wholesale power market strategies and opportunities.


Matt Drinkwater has more than 13 years of experience in reporting on politics and energy. He is currently the Senior Editor at Argus Media for Gas, Power, and LNG. In the past he has worked for New Energy Finance (now part of Bloomberg), reporting on biofuels and soft commodities, and for reporting on Middle Eastern politics and business.



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