Reality Check – Greece 2016 | GEF Event
Reality Check – Greece 2016
Location: 23 Avenue Marnix, 1000, Bruxelles, Belgium from 17:30 to 20:0
The GEF is happy to announce the launch of a new market intelligence service titled "GEF Reality Check" which will be available to our members and followers for free. Please click the link to read the first "GEF Reality Check" report for Greece.
To mark this occasion, we are going to be running a presentation of this new report series in Brussels, providing you with an opportunity to get first hand insights with regards to this initiative by the GEF, as wells as the current developments in Greece.
live link with Greece will allow the audience to pose direct questions to the authors of the report.
A networking drinks reception will follow the proceeding of the event.
The event is Open and Free, we only ask you to register your attendance using the link below.
About the GEF Reality Check Series
GEF experts will start producing and distributing regular energy market reports on various countries within the Southeastern European region. The purpose of this initiative is to increase the visibility of fast unfolding developments that currently take place in the regional energy sector and to provide the incentive to the international community to explore potential business opportunities.
This report has been intentionally designed to be concise and hence strictly limited to one-page. Our objective is to highlight key developments that are likely to have a strong impact in the energy setting as well as provide our forward view for the near future. Furthermore, we aspire to generate an ongoing discussion around the evolution of the region into a modern and liquid energy market.
Therefore, we welcome any comments and questions on your behalf via email to
Alexandros Lagakos, President, Greek Energy Forum
Alex is a Senior Gas Analyst in Shell Energy Europe in London and the Founding Chairman of the Greek Energy Forum. In his current role in Shell, he is responsible for the analysis of gas markets' fundamentals and is the focal point for European gas trading analytics for senior management within the Group. His duties include providing traders with personal price forecasts, trade recommendations and optimisation advice on trading strategies. In the past, he has been a member of the Business Development Team of Shell Energy Europe, focused on the origination and negotiation of complex energy deals with major international companies. Before joining Shell, Alex worked for Gazprom as a Risk Analyst, involved in risk-due diligence on new market entries and innovative commercial products/structured deals on gas, electricity, carbon permits and biomass. He also possesses consulting experience, having worked in Mott MacDonald within the energy economics and finance team in the UK and having liaised with prestigious customers such as the World Bank and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). Alex has addressed a number of international conferences as a guest speaker and has participated in market consultation exercises as a company representative. He holds an MEng in Electrical Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MSc on Sustainable Energy Futures from Imperial College in London. He is an enthusiastic and active supporter of initiatives that aim at helping Greece accelerate its way towards a better future, as both his earlier political involvement as an elected municipal councilor at the age of 22 and his decision to start the Greek Energy Forum in London hopefully prove in practice.
Dr. Angelos Gkanoutas-Leventis , Vice President Greek Energy Forum
Angelos is an economist, with a strong academic background, having graduated from the London School of Economics and the City University of London where he was awarded a PhD for his research on the financialisation of the oil market. After gaining experiences in the consulting, marketing and banking sectors, Angelos started his career in the oil & gas industry as an economist of Pertrobras, focusing on expanding its business activities in the international area. Since then, he joined BP, where he is currently part of the commercial management team of a production facility, overlooking a number of products as well as focusing on management of change and crisis & continuity management. Angelos is a founding member and current Vice Chairman of the Greek Energy Forum, a professional network for Greek energy professionals, while he also holds the position of a Fellow in the CITYPERC Research Center (City Univiresity, London).

Constantine Levoyannis, Senior Consultant (FTI Consulting)/Head of the Greek Energy Forum in Brussels

Constantine Levoyannis is a British national of Greek descent. Born and raised in London, Constantine moved to Brussels in 2007 to study a Masters in International Law with International Relations (LL.M) at the University ofKent, Brussels School of International Studies. After the completion of his LL.M, Constantine joined the Permanent Mission of Greece to the European Union as an intern and later served as a Political Advisor to the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations. Following his experience in New York, Constantine worked as an Energy Policy Advisor to a Greek Member of the European Parliament during the 2009-2014 European Parliament legislature. Constantine was the lead negotiator between political group staff onthe European Parliament's report on 'Industrial, Energy and Other aspects of Shale gas and Shale oil' as well as the Parliament's report on an 'Energy Roadmap to 2050: a future with energy'. He was also involved in Parliament negotiations on the 'Connecting Europe Facility', ' EU Infrastructure Package', '2030 Climate and Energy Package' and ' The Internal Energy Market'. Constantine is now a Senior Consultant with FTI Consulting's energy practice, working on public affairs and strategic communications. Outside the professional domain, Constantine actively publishes articles on contemporary energy security developments, international trade and geopolitics. He has publications in various outlets including the European Energy Journal. Constantine has a keen interest in the development of the Southern Gas Corridor and its impact on regional development and investments in infrastructure in South East Europe. He also follows EU-US energy relations and energy developments in the Eastern Mediterranean.
Constantine is the Deputy Head of the Greek Energy Forum, Brussels branch and is also an Alumnus of the US State Department's International Visitor's Leadership Program.

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