Strategic Energy Technology Plan. Technology as the Solution for a Low Carbon Future | GEF Event
Strategic Energy Technology Plan. Technology as the Solution for a Low Carbon Future
Location: VUB University, Pleinlaan 9, 1050, Ixelles, Brussels from 19:0 to 20:30

The scope of this event is to present the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) to the members of the Greek Energy Forum, and open up a dialogue with regards to how technology can drive the reduction of greenhouse emissions within a framework which promotes economic development and innovation. The SET Plan promotes the research and innovation efforts across Europe by supporting technologies with the greatest impact on the EU's transformation to a low-carbon energy system, along with promoting cooperation amongst EU countries, companies, research institutions, and the EU itself. If utilised effectively the South East Mediterranean region could prove strategic to the success of this project, lagging behind from the EU standards in the adaptation of low carbon technologies, and being considered as a very resource rich region when it comes to renewable energy sources.


Dimitris Sofianopoulos

Dimitris Sofianopoulos is a Policy Officer at DG Energy working on the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan). He has been educated at the National School of Public Administration of Greece and the University of Aegean.

Daria Nochevnik

Daria is the Chief Analyst for Natural Gas, LNG and Energy Systems Integration at the European Energy Review Journal and Brussels-based energy consultant. She is specialising on regulatory, policy and market aspects of the European natural gas and LNG sectors development and integration, focusing particularly on the Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean region, energy security issues and EU’s relations with external suppliers. Daria is the author of numerous analytical reports and studies and has been collaborating with international organizations, universities and think tanks across Europe.


Eleni Panapikoloaou

Eleni Papanikolaou is a corporate lawyer at Dentons Europe LLC. She has been educated at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, the Chicago-Kent-School of American Law, the University of Malta, the International Hellenic University and the University of Nicosia.


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