London Business School - Global Energy Summit | GEF Affiliate Event
London Business School - Global Energy Summit
Location: 8 Northumberland Avenue, London from 8:45 to 17:0

The Global Energy Summit is London Business School Energy Club’s annual flagship event, providing an unrivaled forum for political, academic and business thought-leaders to explore and debate their ideas on the future of the energy industry. Pressing geo-political and market dynamics are discussed by energy leaders with frontline perspectives on the interplay between global energy corporations, sustainable energy innovators and government agencies. In 2014 the summit attracted over 300 attendees from a rich variety of industry professionals, advisors, recruiters, media and policy makers, as well as enthusiastic business school students and academic thought-leaders.

The theme for the 12th edition of the Global Energy Summit this year is Global Energy Markets: Shifting EconomicsEnergy markets never fail to surprise or shock us. The big oil price drop last Fall was a cause for celebration for some, and concern for others. Who is to blame for the oil price crash? How are multi-billion dollar oil and gas projects panning out? How is cheaper oil affecting the renewables business? Are we better off in the world of $50/barrel crude? Could robust policies have prevented this price volatility? What does the future hold for global energy markets?

With this year’s theme, the conference will bring together top experts from the field to explore the effects of oil price fluctuations across the energy spectrum and allude on what the industry, government and consumers can expect from the future. With an impact reach as broad as this, in this year’s summit we have four Keynote addresses and three Panel discussions focusing on structural issues facing the petroleum industry, pressing needs for energy efficiency and the shifting economics of alternative energy businesses.


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