Reality Check - Greece 2018 Q3
Reality Check - Greece 2018 Q3

We are happy to share with you the 8th version of our market intelligence service titled "GEF Reality Check" and offered by the Greek Energy Forum (GEF) to our members and followers for free.

Please find attached the latest quarterly "GEF Reality Check" report for Greece. GEF experts are producing and distributing regular energy market reports on various countries within the Southeastern European region. The purpose of this initiative is to increase the visibility of fast unfolding developments that currently take place in the regional energy sector and to provide the incentive to the international community to explore potential business opportunities. This report has been intentionally designed to be concise and hence strictly limited to one page.

Our objective is to highlight key developments that are likely to have a strong impact in the energy setting as well as provide our forward view for the near future. Furthermore, we aspire to generate an ongoing discussion around the evolution of the region into a modern and liquid energy market.

The Greek Energy Forum (GEF) has the also partnered up with enalytica and from now on, the “GEF Reality Check” report, will be accompanied by a succinct and very insightful data dashboard, particularly compiled and customized for GEF by enalytica.

Enalytica is a US-based energy advisory firm that has worked with governments, state- owned enterprises and private firms to advance major energy projects. Its goal is to leverage data and technology to facilitate decision-making in the energy space. 

Enalytica and GEF have joined forces to increase energy data transparency and raise international awareness on the Southeastern European and Eastern Mediterranean region. 

Our objective is to gradually expand the scope of the existing market report and cover more and more national markets within the broader region. 

We welcome any comments and questions on your behalf via email to

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