Oct 18 2020

Entrepreneurship, Energy & Digital Transformation

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The Greek Energy Forum (GEF) in partnership with Mindspace is organising the Mindspace University program, an intensive online series of webinars, virtual classrooms and 1-1 mentoring sessions on Entrepreneurship Basics and Digital transformation in the Energy sector delivered by mentors from the GEF and Mindspace along entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.

Mindspace University program will be held entirely online and will include two main stages:

Stage 1


November 9th to December 9th | Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon


This stage is implemented via online webinars and virtual classrooms and the goal is to introduce you to an entrepreneurial mindset, make you more familiar with common terms & methodologies of entrepreneurial programs, help you understand the Energy industry sector & its fundamental economic & technological concepts and get an insight on technologies & strategies to address major challenges in the Energy sector. Moreover, you learn the process of generating an idea and get trained in the Business Model Canvas principles so as to structure your idea with your team, as you will be asked to submit a business model canvas at the end of this stage.

Team matching

During this stage, we help you find a team or match you with other talented peers depending on your skills and interests via team meeting sessions towards the end of the program’s second week. In case that you already have a team, you participate with your team as it is. The best teams that will be selected from a judging committee will enter Stage 2.


  • Entrepreneurship - Fundamentals
  • Could I be an Entrepreneur?
  • How Merging Entrepreneurship & Technology Will Benefit

  • Energy Fundamentals
  • Technology, Digital Transformation & Energy Transition Generate an Idea and Structure a Business Model


  • Angelos Gkanoutas Leventis:​ Associate Originator - Integrated Gas & Power at BP and President at GEF
  • Konstantinos Kalligeros:​ ​EDHEC Business School and Associate at GEF
  • Yannis Perakis:​ P​rincipal, Digital Innovation & Engineering at BP Oil & Energy Company and Associate at GEF
  • Anastasios Koumparos:​ Principal Energy Insights Manager, Vodafone and Associate at GEF
  • Antonios Panagiotopoulos:​ V​P, ESG Research, MSCI Inc and General Secretary at GEF
  • Natalia Paraskevopoulou: Senior Bid Manager at Lightsource BP and Associate at GEF
  • Marily Nika:V​oice AI Product Manager, Google
  • Marios Anapliotis:​ Investor, Advisor, co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Bouquet.ai
  • Cheryl Edison:​ GoToMarket Strategy & Executive Advisory, Edison International Michael Petychakis:​ Chief Technology Officer at Orfium
  • Kouris Kalligas:​ Head of Digital Transformation Sappi Europe DanielMcCormac:H​ eadofCommunicationDepartment,DereeCollege
  • Evgenia Leivadarou:​ E​ngineer for New Technologies and Innovation, Department of Strategic Planning and New Activities, HELPE


Stage 2 

1-1 group mentoring sessions


January 7th to January 22th:​ Each team gets a dedicated mentor for 1-1 mentoring sessions 

January 25th:​ ​Presentations skills Workshop


The 10 best teams that were selected in Stage 1, attend Stage 2 to get 1-1 mentoring sessions so as to interact with their mentors and improve their idea. To be more specific, they dive into more details and experiment on entrepreneurial tools in order to finalize their business idea and submit a business model and a short pitch video (less than 2 minutes), which will be shared with the judges.


Each team joins a virtual event to present its business idea to the judges, claiming 10.000 Euros, free attendance to Mindspace Trip in the USA, access to major incubation and acceleration programs such as the three-month accelerator program of AUEB (ACEin)- ENNOVATION and moree. Additionaly, there will be 2 runners up who will get significant discounts to participate in Mindspace Trip.

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The analysis and opinions they express through the Greek Energy Forum are their own and do not reflect the view of their respective employers.