EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) announces presence in 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair

EUNICE ENERGY GROUP (EEG) is to present its latest products and achievements, focused in:

  • EW – 16 θέτις, the first Made in Greece 50kW wind turbine
  • The first Hybrid Energy Storage and Management System S4S: (STORAGE for SAVING / SOLUTIONS / SMART GRID / SUSTAINABILITY)

… along with its master plan and vision for our green energy future.

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Για ακόμη μία χρονιά, το Greek Energy Forum συμμετέχει επίσημα στις εργασίες του ΟΗΕ για το Φυσικό Αέριο

Για 3η συνεχή χρονιά, το Greek Energy Forum (GEF) συμμετέχει ως επίσημο μέλος στην Ομάδα Εμπειρογνωμόνων του ΟΗΕ για το Φυσικό Αέριο (Group of Gas Experts) υπό την αιγίδα της Οικονομικής Επιτροπής (UN Economic Commission). Το GEF αποτελεί επίσημο μέλος της εν λόγω επιτροπής από το 2016, κατόπιν πρόσκλησης από τον ΟΗΕ και ως αναγνώριση της επιρροής και τεχνογνωσίας που διαθέτει ως μη-κυβερνητική οργάνωση στα ενεργειακά δρώμενα της ΝΑ Ευρώπης.

GEF and the United Nations Economic Committee for Europe (UNECE)

For its third year as a member of the Group of Gas Experts of UNECE, Alexandros Lagakos had the pleasure to represent the Greek Energy Forum and to present within the imposing building of UN Palais De Nations in Geneva on the topic of global LNG trading and optionality. 

Capitalizing on the Next Technological Frontier in the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is facing unprecedented disruptive pressures: a lower price environment, the rise of alternative energy, a sea of technological advances, and environmental activism that is increasingly influencing the global investment community. In the midst of these pressures, the industry is also undergoing its own technological revolution. Newsweek Vantage, the thought leadership arm of the Newsweek Media Group, is conducting a research survey on technological innovation shaping the oil and gas industry.

GEF Awards 2018

Following the successful completion of the first Greek Energy Forum (GEF) Awards, the Forum is continuing the legacy, aspiring into making it a tradition. The GEF Awards 2018, will mark another milestone in bestowing those companies and individuals that have become benchmark of excellence, competence and innovation, and thus drive ChanGEForward in the energy and hydrocarbons sector in the East Mediterranean region.

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